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今天接着上一期的雅思阅读难句分析之定语从句(一),宁波雅思小编带大家继续来研究这定语从句。   13. While ...


  13. While this boundary does not mark the outer limit of a State’s territory, since in international law the territorial sea forms part of a State’s territory, it does represent the demarcation(分界,定界,界限)between that maritime area(internal waters) where other States enjoy no general rights, and those maritime areas (the territorial sea and other zones) where other States do enjoy certain general rights.
  14. He finds that students who were easy to teach because they succeeded in putting everything they had been taught into practice, hesitate when confronted with the vast untouched area of English vocabulary and usage which falls outside the scope of basic textbooks.
  15. The reader who peruses (细读(正式)) with some attention the following pages will have occasion to see that both operational and mental aspects of physics have their place, but that neither should be stressed to the exclusion of the other.
  16. The public is unhappy about the way society is going, and its view, fueled in part by the agendists and the media, seems to be that judicial (司法的)decisions unacceptable to them, regardless of the evidence or the law, will slow or change social directions.
  17. But I would like to do the same with the acclaim too, by using this moment as a pinnacle from which I might be listened to by the young men and women already dedicated to the same anguish(痛苦) and travail(辛苦), among whom is already that one who will some day stand here where I am standing.
  18. Our hope for creative living in this world house that we have inherited lies in our ability to re-establish the moral ends of our lives in personal character and social justice.
  19. From the very day of the capitulation, by which Bismark’s prisoners had signed the surrender of France but reserved to themselves a numerous bodyguard for the express purpose of cowing Paris, Paris stood on the watch.
  20. When I’m having trouble with a story and think about giving up, or when I start to feel sorry for myself and think things should be easier for me, I roll a piece of paper into that cranky old machine and type, word by painful word, just the way my mother did.
  21. What should doctors say, for example, to a 46-year-old man coming in for a routine physical check up just before going on vacation with his family who, though he feels in perfect health, is found to have a form of cancer that will cause him to die within six months?
  22. Between midnight and dawn, when sleep will not come and all the old wounds begin to ache, I often have a nightmare vision of a future world in which there are billions of people, all numbered and registered, with not a gleam of genius anywhere, not an original mind, a rich personality, on the whole packed globe.
  23. It needs men who can be prompted without an aim except the aim to be on the move, to function, to go ahead.




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