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  雅思口语描述 1 如何描述人 使用到的词汇和句型,大家可以参考下!  词汇:  眼睛可以用:large and watery; slanted ;well...

  雅思口语描述 1 如何描述人 使用到的词汇和句型,大家可以参考下!


  眼睛可以用:large and watery; slanted ;well spaced; dark circled ; heavy lidded.

  头发可以用:curly ; wavy; coarse;lustrous(用这个词来形容所有美女都想要的光泽亮丽的头发再合适不过了。);thin.

  嘴巴可以用:slack(疲倦的嘴角。东北话诠释就是,嘴角耷拉着.)thin/thick lipped,grinning(最爱看到人们微笑的上扬的嘴角,喜庆!)puckered(用来形容年长的人士吧,布满皱纹的嘴角)rosebud(美女就是这样的嘴角,花瓣一样的).


  皮肤可以用:fair; dark;sallow(生病的颜色啊,慎用,毕竟描述些美的,别说考官,你也开心啊.)healthy;flushed.

  鼻子可以用:narrow;upturned; crooked; with flaring nostrils; flat bulbous(就是成龙的那种发财鼻 蒜头鼻)。

  身材可以用:willowy; plump;statuesque; lissome(瑜伽做久了就这样,柔软的。)gross(胖吗,用这个词试试吧 ,臃肿的。)


  1.... an old man ,chubby and soft. (此处可以用其他形容词替换。)

  2.His belly shakes like a bowl full of jelly when he laughs.(like和when很关键)

  3.His hair is snow-white ,and so is his beard. (SO 带出的...是同样的,在描述人物是,不妨试试)

  4.when you see him, and hear his loud 'Ho.ho,ho",you feel happy ,as if you are with the wourld's most loving grandfather.(AS IF 描述人物时,可以用它来形容,具体而生动。)

  5. He is of the kindest.(be of结构表示此人的特征)


  Describe an old person you admireYou should say:

  What he/she does

  What kind of person he/she is

  What you learnt from him/her

  Explain why you admire him/her

  The person I’d like to talk about is my father, who is the editor-in-chief of Shanghai Daily.

  Although he retired two years ago, yet I still can remember his passion for his career. He is always so professional, competent and knowledgeable in his area.

  Father was once given/awarded the top 10 editor-in-chief in shanghai.

  Another issue

  I also admire his personality. You see, he’s very friendly, hospitable and outgoing.

  People in our neighbourhood like to discuss with him about their problems, father also likes to share specialty food he brought from other provinces with neighbours.

  Actually, what I learnt most from father is to maintain a positive attitude towards life, never give up. Father is ambitious, adventurous and audacious.

  He went through a lot of hardship before he became a successful editor. But he never surrendered, he told me to persist in the face of adversityand bounce back always after disappointment. Just to pick myself up and start all over again.

  Describe a famous person you admire

  You should say:

  What he/she does

  What kind of person he/she is

  What you learnt from him/her

  Explain why you admire him/her

  Tom hanks= forest gump

  1.hollywood movie star,the first time I knew about him is from’forrest gump”

  2.professional,dedicated, competent, I particularly like his performance in …., typical American dream style.

  3.oscar academyaward,best main actor. Mentally retarded person, to become a successful fishing tycoon.

  1.i admire his personality in the movie, to me, combine him with F G,

  2.honest, humble, hard-working

  Kind-hearted, friendly,

  Persevering, optimistic

  3. the key point/ feature/

  Characteristic of the movie is the sentence, which his mother told him before she died.’life is like a box of chocolate, you never know what your gonna get’which means life is full of difficulties, but it will get better in due time. As long as you try your best

  1.the influence he has on me is not only his personality, but his work, most of his movies are masterpieces. Sleepless seattle.


  3. college entrance exam, IELTS, when I feel confused about my future, forest gump gave me the inspiration.

  Explore my future on my own

  Describe a famous person you admire

  You should say:

  What he/she does

  What kind of person he/she is

  What you learnt from him/her

  Explain why you admire him/her

  If you ask me about my favorite sports star, I would definitely say Liu Xiang, an excellent athlete from shanghai, who has just successfully achieved the gold medal in 2004 Olympics in athens, he broke the record with l2.88 seconds on the 110 meters hurdle race.

  He is not only the hero for shanghai, but the hero for china. Because though chinese athletes have gained more international recognition these days, yet there is still not much progress in track field, however, Liu’s performance was absolutely a breakthrough for the nation. Each of us was hugely amazed and impressed by his performance.

  More importantly, he is not only the pride for china, but pride for all yellow people, for he broke the dominance of black people in the track field, creating a miracle that yellow-skinned people have the same strength or ever stronger potential in track field.

  (I also know he sings very well, I heard some entertainment company wants to publish an album for him)

  A young man full of drive, competent and ambitious sporting spirite like Liu, is really my idol for me to follow, that’s why I like him very much.

  雅思口语考试中的Part 2为话题描述,是让绝大多数考生都望而生畏的部分.这部分的考试是由考生一个人陈述完成,与考官之间缺乏对话交流,所以很容易造成考生的紧张.若是出现难题,则更会让考生不知所措,从而导致整个口语考试的严重失分.朗阁海外考试研究中心发现Part 2中考生们普遍认为的难题主要难在以下三个方面:1. 考生对该话题缺少熟悉度;2. 考生对该话题的理解容易造成偏差;3. 话题本身相对抽象.不熟悉的话题如并未亲身经历过的事件或并未拥有过的东西常常会造成考生最害怕的结果:无话可说,难以开口;如果对话题的理解有偏差,即便一直在说,也会文不对题,且中途无人指正,容易越说越偏,找不到重点;相对抽象的话题易使考生说不到具体的点,考官听不到"故事",分数自然也就上不去.


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